Medical Billing

Unified Billing is a comprehensive Medical Billing services that helps medical facilities and practices address issues in their cash flow. Our services help physicians to cost-effectively optimize and accelerate their collections to improve revenue opportunities. Our Medical Billing Services include:

  • VPN to your current EHR or to MediTouch
  • Claims Processing
  • Primary and Secondary Insurance
  • Denials Management
  • Payment Plan Management
  • Claim Follow-Up
  • Electronic Funds Transfer and ERA
  • Full Transparency with real-time 24/7 reporting

Early Out Services

Early Out Services offer medical facilities and patients the best of all possible scenarios. Early Out services collect revenue faster and earlier in the process. Using these services, medical facilities can avoid sending their patients to collections, thus maintaining patronage and positive public relations. The Unified team is trained to work with your patients to resolve their accounts in a professional, customer service orientated fashion. Our main goal is to resolve each account before it is referred for collections.

Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certified PM/EHR Solutions

MediTouch is an all in one Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management solution that will revolutionize your practice. MediTouch was designed with government standards in mind, helping your workflow to create standard patient encounters. This solution can provide you with clinical summaries of each encounter, you can send patient records electronically, securely message your practice directly and can provide your practice with many more benefits with its powerful administrative tools. Free with MediTouch billing full service flat rate services.

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Accounts Receivable Clean Up Outsourcing

Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable management to Unified can help your healthcare facility to improve cash flow and minimize denials. Our team has the experience to provide prompt and efficient medical billing services and follow up with unpaid claims in a timely manner.  We can accelerate your cash flow by submitting error-free claims, performing a proper analysis of denied claims, and regularly following-up with insurance companies and patients. We continually work towards improving processes at each step of the healthcare revenue cycle to increase our collections ratio.

Denials Management

Outsourcing your denials management to Unified will improve cash flow, minimize future denials, and create time for your onsite team to focus on current A/R. Our experienced staffs timely submittal and follow-up on appeals and resubmission of denied claims will handle all payer types and follow-up. As similarities in denials are discovered we proactively report back to your organization for effective changes in work flow to alleviate the current denial ratio.

All of our services are customizable to your company's individual needs.