Common Questions

Do we have to use the MediTouch System?

No. You can use any system that you like and still utilize our amazing services!

Is the MediTouch System Free with our Service?

Yes! MediTouch is included for free with our monthly Flat Fee services!

How long does it take to get started?

It takes approximately thirty days to get started.

How quickly will a claim be generated after the doctor signs off on the chart?

We start processing claimed instantly after the doctor signs off!

If we do not use MediTouch, how do you receive the necessary information to process claims?

We'll work with you to create a file transfer solution that is more convenient and effective for your organization.

What information is required?

We try to minimize the amount of sensitive information that is exchanged for security and ease of transfer. For more information on what we require, contact us!

How often will the information need to be sent?

We collaborate with your Accounts Receivable Department to determine how often is most appropriate for your company's needs whether it be Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Bi-Monthly. We can create any structure that your organization requires.

How often will the patients be billed? Can we bill our own patients and only receive claims processing?

Every aspect of our billing services are customizable to your needs. We only supply what is crucial to your process improvement.

How do you handle denials/nonpayment from insurance?

Here at Unified, we have a team of experts that handle denials and stays on top of timely refilling and handling any problem claims.

How do you handle non-payment from patients?

Our collection experts are trained to handle nonpayment with care and courtesy, yet know the importance is the bottom line. Our staff is goal orientated to make sure we keep the days in Accounts Receivable down and the patients happy!