MediTouch's EHR Works With Any Computer

MediTouch was designed with cross platform compatibility in mind, letting you manage your practice no matter what device you are on! MediTouch has been optimized for finger-tip touch, making it fully functional not only on the computer (Windows or Macs) but also on the iPad and other tablets. Because MediTouch is a cloud-based software, it's accessible anywhere you can get an internet connection.

With MediTouch, Your Fingers Do The Charting And The Drawing

MediTouch also features a new revolutionary MediDraw feature, allowing physicians to draw directly on images using your fingertip or mouse. You have the ability to capture, upload and share patient related images directly from your smartphone or iPad wirelessly through a single system!

Complete Practice Automation and Revenue Cycle Management System

MediTouch is fully customizable to your individual work flow. You can schedule and manage patient flow and preload data and terms to begin charting. You can connect to all major labs with no difficulty and view patient reports or order results. Not only is MediTouch a complete practice automation, but also can assist your practice in the revenue cycle management. MediTouch lets you organize and simplify registration, scheduling, billing and reporting. Our software allows you to control claims, combat denials, avoid re-work, track underpayments and process remittance. You can transmit and manage electronic submissions to thousands of payers.

Quickly Zip Through Patient Encounters

Although MediTouch allows you to customize your workflow, you can also create reusable encounter 'blueprints' with one simple click to speed up your efficiency with patients. You can share your blueprints with other colleagues, making these blueprints great for chronic care patients. MediTouch's blueprints are easy to customize so every encounter does not seem to be "cut and paste".

Affordable Solution Without Compromise

MediTouch is an affordable Electronic Health Records solution that utilizes modern technology and the cloud to make your transition easy. You pay no enrollment fees ever! MediTouch has free setup, free support, free maintenance, free updates, free backup and even free training! MediTouch is also Meaningful Use Stage Two Certified and comes complete with a unique Meaningful Use report Card. Utilizing a Meaningful Use EHR can bring you from $39,000 to $64,000 in cash incentives from Medicaid and Medicare.

Full Transparency

You gain full transparency using the MediTouch system without medical billing services because we work on the same system as you! There's no need to upload, ship, or email patient billing information. When the Doctor signs off, we immediately start processing the claim.

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